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TRR356 for everyone - Open House at LMU, Faculty of Biology

On June 21, 2023, the LMU Biology Center hosted its Open House with the theme "Biologie Ganz Nah" ("Biology Up Close"). The program included activities for people of all ages, providing an age-appropriate introduction to the research areas of TRR356.


In addition to short lectures, interactive laboratories, guided tours, and academic counseling, the Open House program featured a variety of interactive information booths, giving an overview of current research areas at the LMU Biology Center. Children and adults alike had the opportunity to learn about the research on plant-microbe interactions through various stations, in a playful and engaging manner.


Understanding the scientific background

A dedicated TRR356 booth showcased scientific posters from the poster design course led by Dr. Dagmar Hann (Ö01) and Dr. Daniela Meilinger, highlighting the current state of research on the symbiotic ("friendly") and pathogenic ("enemy") relationship between plants and microorganisms. Additionally, microscopes were available for visitors to glimpse these small creatures.

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Playful approach

A treasure hunt designed by LMU students guided participants through the Biology Center premises using puzzles and riddles to explain basic biological concepts and raise awareness of the societal importance of TRR356 research, such as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. For younger visitors, we offered coloring comics and a board game centered around the interaction between bacteria and plants. To carry the theme of plant health and sustainable agriculture home, visitors received seeds for a Three Sisters garden ("MILPA garden"), which involves mixed cultivation of corn, beans, and pumpkin.

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We thank all visitors, organizers, and students for a wonderful day, and we are already looking forward to next year!